4 Practical Tips To Help You Ace Your CompTIA Security+ Exam
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4 Practical Tips To Help You Ace Your CompTIA Security+ Exam

4 Practical Tips To Help You Ace Your CompTIA Security+ Exam


The cybersecurity field is constantly evolving. As new hacking measures are developed, cybersecurity professionals must adapt to ensure their organisation’s information remains protected. Therefore, it is crucial for them to regularly upgrade their skills to become familiar with the latest tech available in the field.

One of the premier cybersecurity credentials for IT professionals looking to update their knowledge base is the CompTIA Security+ certification. This certification is highly sought after as it is globally recognised. Moreover, it validates that an individual possesses the fundamental skills to perform core security functions. If you are pursuing this certification and looking to ace your CompTIA Security+ exam, let us share some practical tips to help you achieve your aim.

1. Assess your readiness

Like every other exam, it is essential to plan early and find the gaps in your knowledge. Sometimes, you may be weak in a few unexpected areas. You can consider prioritising these materials first during your revision for the test. However, it is also important to not neglect the other topics. To avoid missing out on any key topics, space out your time between the various areas so you can cover the entire syllabus before taking the exam.

You can refer to the exam objectives available on the official CompTIA website and check them against what you are already familiar with to identify gaps in your knowledge. In addition, you can take a practice exam paper, which is available on the CompTIA Store. After trying a sample paper, you can go through the test on your own and compare your answers against the answer key and note down your mistakes.

If you don’t feel confident in taking the exam, you can consider rescheduling your test date. Doing so can provide you with more time for further revisions. However, it is not recommended to reschedule the new date more than two weeks later. The shorter time frame allows you to successfully retain all your new knowledge without forgetting the content you are already familiar with.

2. Take your time to read and understand the exam questions

While rote learning is beneficial when you wish to memorise the content quickly and efficiently, it does not help you answer the performance-based questions. Memorisation alone is insufficient; it is also essential to understand the concepts behind past test questions so you can anticipate similar questions when taking your exam.

Each CompTIA exam consists of multiple domains. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to the exam objectives available on the CompTIA website. As you identify the corresponding exam objectives and domains you are unfamiliar with, you can jot down any queries you have on the subject to help with your research. This can help to make your revision more manageable.

3. Prepare by taking the practice tests

After assessing your readiness and understanding of the exam questions, you should seek to improve your knowledge and fill in your weaknesses. You can do so by using various resources to aid you in your learning. Some popular study aids include the Official CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, past test questions, and other exam preparation books.

As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. Taking these sample exams allows you to hone the concepts you have learned until you are familiar with them. Acing your practice tests lets you know that you are prepared for your exam and gives you confidence in tackling the various upcoming questions.

4. Sign up for a CompTIA Security+ course

If you find yourself struggling with the subject, you can consider enrolling yourself in BridgingMinds’s CompTIA Security+ course. Our comprehensive course is certified and recognised by CompTIA. You will receive specialised tips and knowledge to help you prepare for the exam. Our instructors can also assist you with any knowledge gap you may have.


The CompTIA Security+ exam is no walk in the park. However, with our helpful tips and sufficient preparation, you are guaranteed to pass the test. With this strong foundation in place, you are well-positioned to advance as a cybersecurity expert.

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