4 Reasons Why Hacking Will Make A Fulfilling Career
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4 Reasons Why Hacking Will Make A Fulfilling Career

4 Reasons Why Hacking Will Make A Fulfilling Career


Certified ethical hackers, also known in the Information Security (InfoSec) industry as white hat hackers, are professional security experts dedicated to exposing vulnerabilities within an organisation’s IT structure. They may also make recommendations on how to improve these weak spots, or be involved in securing these systems before malicious parties attack them.

These hackers primarily attempt to exploit weaknesses in their client’s computer systems, networks, and applications. In contrast to their malicious counterparts (i.e. black hat hackers), ethical hackers are given permission to break into these systems, and they have to report the findings of their penetration attempts to their clients, allowing the latter to mend the holes in their system.

Being an ethical hacker comes with many benefits, apart from being able to obtain the satisfaction of making the world a better place. If you have been wondering if an ethical hacking career is right for you, here are 4 more reasons to compel you to become an ethical hacker in Singapore today:

Stable job security

In this modern age, an online presence presents a multitude of opportunities as well as an equal number of risks. Bad actors are becoming more cunning and continue to threaten organisations, meaning ethical hackers must constantly keep up or even surpass them. Since digitalisation will only continue to move forward, this ongoing battle between InfoSec agents will continue to fuel plenty of demand for certified ethical hackers. If you are equipped with the necessary cybersecurity skills, it’s unlikely that you will bump into difficulties finding a job.

Every day is a different day

Given that the InfoSec industry is constantly evolving, no day will ever be boring since you will be working with new challenges frequently. With the advent of new technology, comes with it new undiscovered and unsecured vulnerabilities. Malicious cyber attackers are also constantly refining their skills. As such, an ethical hacker must always be on their toes and prepare for all possible methods of attack.

Keeps your mind sharp

With the constant presence of potential threats, ethical hackers must continually enhance their skills and strive to be always a step ahead from their adversaries. This sustained mental activity keeps an ethical hacker’s mind sharp and healthy, allowing them to function at full potential and always be their best when on the job.

Personal satisfaction

One notable benefit of being an ethical hacker is the satisfaction one gets from knowing that your job benefits companies by protecting their systems and data from cyber threats. Aside from that, you’ll also receive satisfaction from receiving high salaries, the thrill of working on challenging problems daily, and the sense of accomplishment of being able to outwit the enemy.


Increasing digitalisation and contemporary technology are here to stay, and so too will be the need for certified ethical hackers and InfoSec specialists. If you’re now determined to play a role in securing the world’s digital space, take the first step and enrol in a cybersecurity training programme such as the Certified Ethical Hacker course in Singapore. Highly recommended by IT authorities like IT.com.sg, BridgingMinds’ comprehensive CEH course grants you an internationally recognised certification and ethical hacking skills that are in high demand.



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