5 Effective Tips For You To Ace Your ITIL4 Foundation Exam
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5 Effective Tips For You To Ace Your ITIL4 Foundation Exam

5 Effective Tips For You To Ace Your ITIL4 Foundation Exam


The IT Infrastructure Library, more commonly known as ITIL, is a framework of best practices that guide businesses on providing the most optimal IT service possible. As an adaptive guideline that changes with the times, its latest revision, ITIL4, is the current edition that IT professionals must study and be certified in to stay competitive.

If you’re feeling some anxiety about your upcoming ITIL4 Foundation exam, it’s very much understandable. Nobody wants their efforts to be in vain, especially after going through many training courses and studying for hours on end. To help you ace it, here are 5 useful tips to help you out.

Practice makes perfect

Study and practice are a tried and true method that works for any assessment challenge, including the ITIL4 exam. For this particular exam, however, you can do a couple of extra things to better prepare yourself. First is by familiarising yourself with the ITIL Foundation’s exam pattern, such as the number of questions, the types of questions to expect, and the scoring method. Second, get some official sample papers or search for websites that offer free practice questions to get a complete idea of what awaits you in the exam.

Also, it’s a good idea to time yourself while taking the practice tests. This is because the real deal will have a time limit, and by conditioning yourself well ahead, you can make sure that you’ll finish answering early or just in time.

Memorise the keywords

Certain important keywords frequently appear in the exam. They link to other keywords, and by knowing the relationships between them, you can progress more quickly while being sure that you’re getting the right answer. As such, it’s crucial that you memorise and get them right during the actual test. Some of these keywords used are:

  • Service transition
  • Service design
  • Operational level agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Service strategy

Learn the lifecycle and capability modules

The goal of ITIL4 is to test your understanding of the basics as well as your knowledge of each stage of the framework’s lifecycle and capability modules. By learning key info, abbreviations, and jargon by heart, you ensure that you have a solid grasp of all the special terms, making it easier to tackle the exam’s questions.

Read the questions properly

No matter how basic it may be, this tip can save you from committing unnecessary mistakes that can be easily avoided. Direct questions are easy to deal with since they’re relatively straightforward. But there also exists a few negatively-phrased questions that may blindside you if you don’t read the questions properly.

Consider taking up an ITIL4 course

By enrolling for a course and acquiring an ITIL4 certification, you can be confident that you’ll know everything there is to know about the ITIL Foundation framework. These courses are all-inclusive and, most importantly, also contain practical examples and real-life case studies that can assist your understanding of the concepts discussed.


The ITIL4 is by no means simple, but with the aid of these helpful tips paired with ample preparation, a student is sure to pass and even ace the exam. By enroling in an ITIL4 Foundation course, you’ll be confident in knowing that you’re more than prepared to take its certification exam. Recommended by IT authorities such as IT.com, our SkillsFuture Singapore funded training ITIL foundation course arms you with a comprehensive and complete understanding of key ITIL concepts, processes, and real-life practices.


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