5 Reasons You Should Consider Learning Palo Alto Firewalls
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5 Reasons You Should Consider Learning Palo Alto Firewalls

5 Reasons You Should Consider Learning Palo Alto Firewalls


Despite the constant change in the Information Technology field, there remains a need for businesses to adopt adequate security protection to keep their network secure from nefarious hackers. This reason is why cybersecurity professionals are highly sought after in the IT industry.

However, with the numerous firewall products available on the market, it can get overwhelming for a cybersecurity professional to decide which system to specialise in. If you are looking to enter this field but are hesitant on which firewall you should focus your effort on learning, let us share why you should consider Palo Alto Networks firewalls.

1. Start early and capitalise on its growing popularity.

In the firewall-sphere, Palo Alto is gaining increased attention. The company’s market share is expected to triple to 24 percent by 2024, and it was already leading the cybersecurity industry with a market share of 15 percent in the last quarter of 2020.

Get ahead of the competition now and familiarise yourself with this software. With so much room for potential and growth, learning the basics of Palo Alto’s firewall now would give you a head start and allow you to stand out from the crowd. This way, you would not need to relearn the software in the future, as starting early narrows the potential learning gap. Additionally, greater experience and familiarity with the firewall will open up more career opportunities with companies that favour this software.

2. Provide more comprehensive protection against unknown threats.

Companies would want to defend themselves against known threats that they are already aware of, but the unknown provides greater cause for worry. Without substantial, strong defence against unseen dangers, companies are more vulnerable to such security threats.

Palo Alto’s firewall is hence a popular choice, as it takes cybersecurity a step further by protecting networks from unknown threats lurking in the shadows. Its product contains a unique set of capabilities that other cybersecurity systems do not possess. For example, it is the only firewall capable of preventing targeted attacks by directly and automatically executing unknown malicious files in a virtual cloud-based environment.

3. Implement a more flexible system.

Most cybersecurity software may be restrictive and lack any room for customisation. Most software would only allow two options; users have to either completely block the application to eliminate all exposure or risk using it while worrying about potential threats.

However, Palo Alto’s firewall offers its users the freedom of choice. Users can choose to block certain aspects of the application or website, allowing them to reduce the threat levels without impeding functionality. For example, users can reduce the attack surface by establishing a unique list of allowed apps and features. On Facebook, the basic functions of viewing and posting are enabled, but third-party apps and games can be blocked.

4. User-intuitive features that are easy to learn.

Firewall systems are very sensitive and need clearly outlined parameters to be effective. Some firewall systems use a command-line interface (CLI), which is text-heavy and difficult to process. The steep learning curve makes it inaccessible to many beginners and increases the risk of making simple, avoidable mistakes.

On the other hand, Palo Alto’s firewall utilises a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is clear and intuitive. GUIs include graphs and statistics that allow professionals to quickly identify and resolve any errors they may miss in a CLI report. Such software may be more effective in resolving any cybersecurity issues.

With so many benefits, more system administrators and cybersecurity professionals are naturally turning towards GUIs to help them efficiently complete their responsibilities. With 70% of system administrators using GUIs on a daily basis, it is crucial for you to keep up with the current technology by familiarising yourself with Palo Alto’s intuitive, streamlined software.

5. Build a comprehensive skill set.

IT security training is necessary for all IT professionals. With firewall technology playing an increasingly important role in all corporations today, getting up to speed with the latest firewall technology would set you up for success.

More organisations are implementing hybrid IT systems as it adds complexity to their security system. Hybrid systems reduce the ability of hackers to bypass the layers and controls that work together to form a comprehensive shield against malicious attacks. As Palo Alto’s firewall is highly compatible with traditional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), they can work together to provide substantial defence against any unauthorised access.


As outlined above, Palo Alto’s firewall is one of the most important software to familiarise yourself with as a cybersecurity professional. Start early to amp up your portfolio and build a diverse skill set.

At BridgingMinds, we offer Palo Alto Firewall workshops to help you familiarise yourself with the configuration and management of this up-and-coming software. If you are interested to learn more, you can consider signing up for our classes now!

In addition to our Palo Alto Networks courses, we also offer supplementary cybersecurity training courses, such as our CISSP training programmes. You can consider signing up for these classes as well to value add to your IT skills.


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