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  • The Smartphone is now the primary Internet device in Asia. The number of phones being shipped worldwide has already surpassed the number of desktops and in 2013 we saw traditional PC shipments decline by 10.6% and tablets increase 67.9%.
  • According to Gartner, 60% of Information Workers will interact with content applications via a mobile device in 2015.
  • It can never be a better time than now to become a Mobile App Developer especially here in the Asia region. in 2013, Japan has already surpassed United States in mobile app revenue and neighboring countries like South Korea and China are now in the top 10 revenue charts. Despite that staggering number, the amount of localized content in developing countries is still below average. There are tremendous app opportunities for new developers out there.
  • Our courses will give you the skills you need to get started in building apps in the shortest time.


Mobile usage is exploding in APAC

The average user spends 2.5 hrs/ day on their smartphone

Mobile usage stats

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We have 2 programs currently to cater for this unprecedented growth. They are

Andriod Application Development

You will learn:

Android Development Environment | Android App Development| Android UI | Handling UI Widgets Input Events| Widgets | Toast, Dialogs and Notifications | Intent | Asynctask Internet Connection | Persistent application data | Location Service | Speech | Multitouch | Media | Sensor | Vibration Telephony | Publishing

Prerequite: Knowledge of Object Oriented Language

For certification exams

ACAD – Android Certified Associate Developer

ACPD – Android Certified Professional Developer

iOS Application Development

You will learn:

Getting started with Xcode | Getting to know Objective-C | Error Debugging using Instruments | Overview of iOS | Apple Developer Program (ADP) | Creating Interfaces | Storyboard & Segue | Creating Data | Devices Features | Map using MapKit Framework | Creating Camera Functionality | Gesture Adding | Adding Facebook Integration | Multimedia & Localization Making Multimedia Audio & Video | App Localization Internationalize your App | PDF Displaying

Prerequite: Knowledge of Object Oriented Language

For certification exams

ICAD – IOS Certified Associate Developer

ICPD – IOS Certified Professional Developer