Success Healthcheck™ Series

13Dec 2012

Course Objectives

This 3-day course will show you how to diagnose the success or failure of any project, any time, anywhere.  There is a 1-hour examination on the third day.

The course objectives of Success Healthcheck™: Fighting Project Failure are:

  • Discover Project Performance Benchmarks that create value, not simply cut costs
  • Understand how to identify early if your project will succeed or fail
  • Discover 4 things that you don’t know that causes failure on many projects
  • Learn how to save your organisation 10%-15% in most projects
  • Learn 3 ways to be a hero with the 8-Fold Path, help your colleagues and your career

Participants are eligible to claim 21 PDUs from Project Management Institute (PMI) upon attending this course.



This course is highly experiential and facilitated, meaning that much of the learning is in the doing and contributing to the group discussion.  Hence, what you will take away from the course can be split into material and educational.


Material Take-Away

  • A copy of the book ?Eem>The Success HealthCheck for IT Projects?Eby J.A. Flinn
  • Handouts with a Summary of the key concepts
  • 4 follow-up conference call sessions of 1 hour each, one per month


Educational Take-Away

  • Able to calibrate the overall value created from projects
  • Understanding of the Diagnostic Framework for Project HealthCheck
  • Able to identify the basic Warning Signs affecting project health
  • Able to improve the performance of a project as a result of understanding project health


Course Outline

The 3-day course covers the introductory elements of the Success HealthCheck™ framework:


Introduction to the Success HealthCheck™

  • Project Performance Benchmarks – It’s more than Time and Cost, it’s about Value
  • How to Measure Project Value
  • What the Current Failure Rates mean to Business and Project Professionals
  • The 8 Key Systems that Lead to Project Success or Failure
  • An Introduction to the 8-Fold Path for Project Success