IPv6 Essential for System and Network Engineers

13Dec 2012

Introduction to IPV6 Essential Topics for System & Network Engineers


Morning Session ?EFor System and Network Engineers

1. OS level Setup

a. Understand the Modern operating system that support dual-stack

b. Describe how IPv6 enable on various desktop OSes


2. DNS Mapping

a. IPv4 Resource Record v.s IPv6 Resource Record

b. Deployment Consideration

c. Brief introduction of DNS64

d. How DNS works:

  • Hosts file consideration in various platform
  • How to use nslookup/dig and etc to troubleshoot, verify DNSv6 operation
  • IPv4 DNS v.s IPv6 DNS

3. NAT64

a. How NAT64 works?

b. NAT64 setup in IPv4 http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/asthma/ network with Forward and Reverse Proxy

c. NAT64 in Dual-stack environment


4. FTP Site

a. Impact of FTP site for deploying NAT64 with Forward and Reverse Proxy in the network environment

b. Simple troubleshooting/verification steps for FTP site in NAT64 environment


Afternoon Session ?ENetwork Engineers

5. IPv6 Subnetting

a. How to do subnetting in IPv6

  • Sample & Exercise

6. IPv6 Management

a. Network management protocols support for IPv6 networks

b. IPv6 address tracking and management.


7. IPv6 security best practices


8. IPv6 deployment guide

a. Deployment Guide for Campus Network Environments