How Can ITIL 4 Help You Grow Your Career In The IT Industry?
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How Can ITIL 4 Help You Grow Your Career In The IT Industry?

How Can ITIL 4 Help You Grow Your Career In The IT Industry?

In 2019, The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report ranked the ITIL Foundation seventh on its list of top-paying IT certifications. An average ITIL certified professional was earning an average salary of $120,556. This was eye-opening for many professionals in the IT industry as not many knew about the high demand and relevance of the ITIL 4 certification.

If you are uncertain if the ITIL 4 certification is vital in upgrading your qualifications as an IT professional, here is more information that might help you!

What is ITIL 4?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is essentially a series of best practices that focuses on the alignment and streamlining of IT services with the needs of your company. The implementation of the ITIL practices provides a business with a practical framework for identifying, planning, and executing supporting IT services to the core business functions of an organisation.

One advantage of ITIL is that it is a framework that is recognised globally. This allows you to apply your ITIL practices no matter which company you work for since it describes the procedures, tasks, and checklists that are not specific to any single organisation. Its primary use is to exhibit compliance and to measure the improvement in the delivery of all the IT-related services involving a business’ processes.

Here is how ITIL 4 can help you grow in your career

Even though the ITIL 4 certification is commonly linked with the IT industry, the course covers concepts of service management which equips you with the knowledge needed to apply what you learnt in various sectors. The versatility that the ITIL 4 certification gives you allows you to branch out to industries like even healthcare and education. This is one of the key reasons why renowned companies like Microsoft and Disney have adopted ITIL in their IT Services Management Systems.

A common problem that companies face is the wrongly perceived information when passed down from one department of the company to another. Having the ITIL Certification eliminates this issue as you would be able to speak the universal language that is globally recognised by IT professionals. Having a common understanding between your company’s IT staff, contractors, and other users within the business ensure that every individual is on the same page. With the ITIL 4 strategies in place, the company would operate more professionally with the employees having a common understanding. This results in an increase in ROI over time.

How you can be ITIL 4 certified

If you are considering the ITIL 4 certification, there are 4 levels of ITIL that you would need to go through. They are Foundation, Managing Professional, Strategic Leader, and Master. Each level focuses on different concepts in service management and can benefit you differently depending on your job.

At the ITIL 4 Foundation level, the certification focuses on introducing you with the standardised terminologies and general knowledge expected for ITIL services support and service delivery. The ITIL 4 Intermediate level goes over essential concepts within two significant areas – service lifecycle and service capability. During this level, you can choose the modules that specialise in concepts that are more applicable to your area of expertise. The ITIL 4 Expert level aims at providing you with a high-level level of knowledge to comprehend the entire ITIL scheme. Finally, the ITIL 4 Master level is for you if you are involved in the planning, management and operation aspects of IT service management.

If you are confident that the ITIL 4 certification is the stepping stone towards your career goals, you could embark on your journey with the ITIL 4 Foundation at BridgingMinds. Join the ranks of other successfully trained students, whether it is for the CEH certificationCISSP certification or the ITIL 4 certification, to give your career that much-needed push!


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