Course Synopsis

This course is a three-day classroom training relevant for professionals who play a role in establishing the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. This course is designed for IT professionals, consultants who play a role in the ISO/IEC 20000 implementation or in providing support around ISO/IEC 20000 certification. Practical examples and case studies are used to guide you through the implementation route and prepare you to conduct a ISO/IEC 20000 assessment or audit. At the end of the three-day classroom training the APMG certification exam can be taken. This training does not cover audit techniques or the issues involved in preparing an organization for an audit.

Course Objectives

On completion of this training course, delegates will be able to:
  1. Understand the benefits of achieving ISO/IEC 20000certification.
  2. Define your path towards implementation of ISO/IEC 20000. 
  3. Define the relationships between the different Service Management processes from an implementation perspective. 
  4. Understand the role change imposes on an organization and how to deal with this from a ISO/IEC 20000implementation perspective. 
  5. Understand what is required for ISO/IEC 20000 Audit.
  1. Introduction to and background of ISO/lEC 20000.
  2. The certification scheme. 
  3. ISO/IEC 20000 overview: terminology, process, and objectives. 
  4. ISO/IEC 20000: Part 1 in detail. 
  5. ISO/IEC 20000: Part 2 in detail. 
  6. The use and application of ISO/lEC 20000. 
  7. The implementation of ISO/IEC 20000. 
  8. Preparing for a formal audit. 
  9. Typical toolsets in use. 
  10. ISO/IEC 20000 scoping and eligibility. 
  11. Exam practice and preparations. 
Pre Course Reading Materials
There are no pre-course reading materials needed for this course although candidates are encouraged to have the ISO/IEC20000 standards available and also be familiar with the standards
Exam Format
• Complex Multiple Choice
• 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question
• 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
• Three hours duration
• Open book (a copy of Part 1 is permitted).
This course aims at those IT Consultants, IT Service Providers and IT Managers who involved in the implementation of ISO20000.


Delegates who successfully completed the course and pass the exam will be recognized as Certified ISO/IEC 20000 Practitioner under the APMG certification scheme. For those delegates who do not meet the requirements stipulated in pre-requisites stated above or fail the exam would be awarded a course attendance certificate only.


Candidate must hold either the APMG ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation or the ITIL Foundations certificate. 

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