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Developing Scenarios, Case studies as well as the entire flow of the video that you are trying to create

** Green Screen Production **

We can work with you to develop content, and video production and editing for the best learning experience.

Greenscreen technology is the special effects used in major Hollywood blockbusters. It allows you to insert your actor or presenter into any environment by “keying out” the greenscreen and replacing the background with another video image.

Example rates for GreenScreen Rental:

GreenScreen Rental:
6 hours (i.e. half [½] workday) including studio lights : SGD 500
9 hours (i.e. full workday) including studio lights. : SGD 600
Camera/Sound crew (i.e. full workday) : SGD 400
Teleprompter (i.e. full workday) : SGD 100

** Do note that production do not include editing cost which may differ depends on the complexity and duration of video.

Should you require

  1. Additional equipment/crew
  2. Pre-Production: Screenwriting, Storyboard, Talent Casting
  3. Post Production: Audio and Video Editing

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