Real Good Reasons Why CompTIA Security+ Is Worth The Effort
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Real Good Reasons Why CompTIA Security+ Is Worth The Effort

Real Good Reasons Why CompTIA Security+ Is Worth The Effort


Amongst the many IT and cybersecurity certifications out there, and limited time and money, which certification you choose to take matters. The CompTIA Security+ certification has undoubtedly garnered a lot of recognition, but is it worth your time and effort?

If you have intentions of pursuing a career related to cybersecurity, need to learn network security in your job, or if you wish to add security credentials to your portfolio, here are 4 reasons why the CompTIA Security+ certification is worth the effort as compared to other certifications.

1. You don’t need prior experience to take the test

You’ll notice that you are not allowed to sit for various big certifications unless you’ve met their requirements of having years of documented experience, or accomplished an authorised training. In some cases, you’ll only be allowed to sit for an exam if it’s sponsored by someone else who is already certified.

A major benefit of the Security+, and most CompTIA certifications, is that no prerequisite experience or training is needed. You can take the exam as and when you want, and it is a great opportunity for those starting in the computer networking or cybersecurity field, especially since work experience is tough and attaining a degree is time-consuming. The CompTIA Security+ is an asset you can easily add into your resume in less than 60 days if you study and prepare well for it.

2. There is only one exam

Mid- or higher-level certifications like Microsoft’s MCSA require numerous exams, but that doesn’t equate to a much higher salary or enhanced career prospects in some instances when you take into account the amount of work and effort that is involved.

With a certification like CompTIA Security+ that only requires a single exam, the effort you need to put in to prepare and pass one exam is definitely more enticing but most importantly, to your advantage.

3. It is globally recognised

The CompTIA Security+ is a comprehensive view on network security concepts and a vendor-neutral exam, which gives you a basic understanding of penetration testing and offensive hacking.

For instance, it’s approved and recognised by the United States Department of Defense and, in fact, the certification is required for certain positions. Thus, obtaining a certification that is highly valued by governments and vendors worldwide is definitely a prominent benefit.

4. It boosts your employability and salary

Having completed the CompTIA Security+ gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to sourcing for a job. Many employers value this level of certification and would be willing to offer a higher salary to those with certifications, rather than those without. Compared to the time and fees you spend on the exam, the career boost it gives you will serve you well over the years.


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