For Storage Architects working with data storage and storage networking infrastructures, this course provides the real world knowledge and practice needed to align business requirements with storage networking solutions.


Storage Networking Solutions

Assessment, Planning and Design provides delegates with both the management and commercial skills required to perform detailed assessments and align to the development of a service catalogue.

In addition, delegates will need to understand the capabilities and limitations of existing protocols and infrastructures before designing complex storage network solutions.

Exercises engage participants in the same work they will encounter as Storage Architects and Specialists.

Course Objectives

  • Apply and enhance skills needed to resolve real-world storage and storage networking issues.
  • Provide information, job aids, best practices covering SAN assessment, design and optimisation.
  • Describe SAN assessment goals, objectives and methodology.
  • Discuss SAN design considerations and review best practices.
  • Review the capabilities, strengths and limitations of various SAN architectures, strategies, methodologies and technologies.
  • Analyse SAN case studies to determine solution sets that satisfy a variety of business and technical requirements.
  • Strengthen design capabilities by designing and implementing a SAN, including completing typical SAN port and throughput exercises.
  • Assess and monitor SAN I/O performance and recommend improvements.
  • Review the topics and technical level of knowledge tested in the SNIA Storage Architect examination

This course is intended for the following: 

Professionals looking for an in-depth technical understanding of Storage Network solutions and technologies, and for individuals preparing for SNIA Storage Architect Certification.

The course content and technical level are targeted for SNIA Certified Storage Professionals and Storage Engineers (or their equivalent) working in roles similar to the following:

  • Field Support Engineers with solution implementation responsibilities
  • Systems Administrators
  • Technical Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Storage Architects and Designers
  • Pre-sales Engineers


Participants will be expected to have the following experience:

  • Storage Networking Concepts—Foundation, or, 
  • SNIA Storage Professional Certification & Equivalent experience/knowledge

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