Valuable Tips To Conquering The PMP Examinations Like A Pro
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Valuable Tips To Conquering The PMP Examinations Like A Pro

Valuable Tips To Conquering The PMP Examinations Like A Pro


Statistics have shown that two out of five applicants fail to pass the PMP exams on their first try. Although the majority of people have stated that it’s challenging to crack the exam, it isn’t as impossible as it seems. So, how can you prepare yourself to ensure you’re in that 60% who pass? Here’s how.

1. Know the PMBOK guide inside out

Being proficient with the PMBOK guide is the most crucial first step you should take in passing the PMP exam. There are numerous books in the market that can significantly aid in your preparation, but nothing beats the official guide.

Although the guide might seem lengthy and boring, that doesn’t mean you should disregard it. Most people fail the exam as they have most likely sidestepped the PMBOK guide, so starting your preparation with the guide will give you a strong foundation.

2. Plan your time

Managing your time can be split into two components: during the preparation stage and during the exam itself. Planning your time is paramount as the exam requires a lot of studying and solving practice questions. Planning a vacation to relax and unwinding can sound tempting, but if you plan it in the midst of your preparation time, you might lose your focus.

Take into account how long you have for each question in the exam and manage your time efficiently on the test day. Decide on the maximum time you want to spend on a question, and if you seem to be still stuck, move on to the next one. Don’t forget also to set aside time to check your answers.

3. Consult a study guide

While studying the PMBOK guide is imperative, it is not sufficient to help you pass the PMP exam as PMBOK is not textbook-oriented. The guide provides you with theory and facts behind the various processes but doesn’t tell you how these processes are linked and how they can be applied in real life.

Moreover, the PMBOK guide does not cover all topics that appear in the PMP exam, which is why you need to select another additional guide to cover them.

4. Connect with project managers

Becoming a PMI member before you take the exam has many benefits. For instance, your exam fee is cheaper, and you’ll be exposed to vast opportunities to connect with many other project management professionals.

Preparing for the exam in a group setting can also be advantageous where someone can clarify your doubts if you’re struggling. Additionally, project management experiences that others have can help you tackle scenario-based questions and of course, studying in a group keeps you motivated for your preparation.

5. Do plenty of mock tests

Apart from merely solving practice questions, you should also write complete simulated tests. Writing the mock tests gets you in the psychological zone that is needed to perform efficiently within the four hours.

By doing various mock tests, you have a better overview of your performance, whether it comes to finding out which questions require more time, or if you’re overlooking anything that’s causing you to make foolish mistakes. Let these mock tests serve as a feedback mechanism to modify your strategy to do well.


While it’s possible to pass the PMP test through self-studying, it’s always better to have the guidance of industry insiders who have gone through the test before. Join our PMP courses running in January 2021 at BridgingMinds to get more tips and tricks to pass your PMP exams without a hitch! On top of that, we also offer cybersecurity training and agile courses in Singapore to ensure you’re prepared in the cybersecurity field.


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