Training and Technical Certification

Forcepoint™ has two comprehensive training programs: one for clients who use our products, and another for our global partners who resell Forcepoint products. Our programs help maximize your investment or expertise in Forcepoint solutions so you can:

  • Deliver Forcepoint services most efficiently.
  • Validate your mastery and proficiency in Forcepoint technologies.
  • Promote enthusiastic adoption of the products by your users (as a customer).
  • Stand out from your competition and increase your sales (as a partner).

For Partners and Clients,

Administrator courses are designed for those who will administer/manage the Forcepoint™ TRITON® APX solution on a day-to-day basis. Administrator courses focus on the following topics:

  • Product features, functions and capabilities.
  • Understanding of deployed components, their responsibilities within the overall solution and key internal modules.
  • Component communication.
  • Global system administration, configuration and reporting from the GUI.
  • Policy creation.
  • Working with users.
  • In-depth understanding of how to realize the value of the purchased Forcepoint solution through incident management, response and reporting.
  • Updating and disaster recovery.