Course Specifications

Course number: VMIT
Course length: 3.0 days

There is a 30 min exam at the end of the 3rd day to test for understanding

Course Description

Successfully managing a project or operational work requires effective planning and adherence to core principles in managing people. This is even more important in an Information Technology (IT) context when the bulk of the work is being done by another organization, such as in a customer and vendor relationship.  By understanding the fundamentals of vendor management, you will be better prepared to create and maintain a harmonious relationship with your vendors. In this course, you will identify effective vendor management practices and their related processes, and key strategies in persuading the other party to get work done and produce quality deliverables, in a project and in day-to-day operations.


Course Objective: You will examine the elements of sound vendor management.  In addition, you will examine the relationship between the customer and the vendor, and how they affect your ability for both parties to remain profitable while providing value to each other.


Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the relationship between the procurement life cycle and vendor management
  • Identify the elements affecting the “Make” or “Buy” decision
  • Name the three key components of vendor management
  • Recognise the importance of mutual commitments
  • Identify elements of a contract, statement of work (SOW), and service level agreement (SLA)
  • Explain how vendor agreements are created and the various types in use
  • Apply change control and understand governance practices used in the environment
  • Understand the negotiation framework leading to productive working relationships
  • Describe the role and function of a performance metric, key performance indicator (KPI), and a vendor performance scorecard
  • Manage vendor relationships, focusing on business success
  • Explore the distinctions related to Cloud Vendors


Course Layout

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Vendor Management

Lesson 2: Establish the Contractual Framework and Sourcing Process

Lesson 3: Creating Workable, Long Term Relationships

Lesson 4: Measuring to Better Manage

Lesson 5: Cloud Vendor Management

A:   Understand Unique Risks in the Cloud

B:    Negotiation Refinements

C:   Manage Relationships, Not Technology

Lesson 6: Outsourcing Management

Overall Review and Exam

A:   Review of all Key Concepts

B:    Exam – Multiple Choice Questions (30 mins)

This course is designed for individuals whose primary job is to manage vendors in a project or operational context, such as project managers, service delivery managers and operations managers. Anyone who is considering a career path in vendor management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices can take up this course.


Exam – Multiple Choice Questions (30 mins), it pass you have to obtain 65% for passing rate


To ensure your success, it is recommended that you have some on-the-job experience in managing vendors, either in a project or operations context. Experience in Service Delivery or Operations Management is a plus.

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