Why ECSA Will Help Contribute To Your Cybersecurity Career
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Why ECSA Will Help Contribute To Your Cybersecurity Career

Why ECSA Will Help Contribute To Your Cybersecurity Career


As more companies advance digitally, a priority for many companies, whether big or small, is the security of their IT infrastructure. A breach of any company’s sensitive data is the worst-case scenario and should be avoided at all costs. This is a crucial reason why many companies are actively seeking professionals with exceptional knowledge and experience in cybersecurity.

However, this position is not simply given to anyone. Having the needed qualifications give you an advantage of securing such a job. Having an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certificate is a big step towards getting qualified and gaining the experience to protect a company from data breaches and cyber attacks. This certificate builds on your knowledge from the Certified Ethical Hacker course and is a testament to your ability to prevent cyber attacks. Upon attaining the ECSA certificate, you will be recognised as an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst.

Here are some other reasons why the ECSA certificate should be your next step in your cybersecurity journey.

It is globally recognised

No matter where you go, employees are seeking individuals with the skill in preventing their sensitive data from being infiltrated and leaked. The ECSA is proof of that skill and experience. This is mostly since a security analyst plays a vital role in the company’s defence against the ever-growing cyber attacks around the world.

Having this certificate also gives you the freedom of practising your skill anywhere in the world without limiting yourself to any particular region. Additionally, since the ECSA certificate is not easy to achieve and candidates have to go through rigorous tests to get certified, not many individuals have this qualification. This not only gives you an advantage when looking for a position in the cybersecurity industry but also accelerates your journey in this field.

Follow your own pace

Taking into account the usefulness and high demand of the ECSA certificate, it is no surprise that the 12 modules will not be a breeze to go through. However, fret not! The EC-Council grants you the opportunity to learn and go through the modules at your own pace. You are also free to access the ECSA lab tools and exercises required at any time (24/7). Hence you can take advantage of this and accumulate your experience and knowledge at your own steady pace and get certified when you are fully ready.


When comparing the price of getting ECSA certified to the value it gives to your career, it is worth it. Getting certified not only means a promotion from your current position but also an almost instant salary raise as compared to not being ECSA certified.

Additionally, you are also able to take advantage of your SkillsFuture credits (SSG) to fund a majority of your ECSA certification. A tip would be to look out for deals going on at BridgingMinds in October to December, where you can receive up to 90% in subsidy for approved SSG trainings like the ECSA certification course.


After taking into account these points, it is almost a no brainer that the ECSA certification is the best path to accelerate your journey in cybersecurity. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take full advantage of the various subsidies to get ECSA qualified!


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