Why Picking Up Linux Is Valuable To Your IT Career Right Now
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Why Picking Up Linux Is Valuable To Your IT Career Right Now

Why Picking Up Linux Is Valuable To Your IT Career Right Now


Every computer requires an operating system to work effectively. Some of the more common operating systems are Windows and MacOS. However, there is also a highly popular one in the IT industry: Linux.

Like Windows and MacOS, Linux is also an operating system. However, Linux does have unique features that set it apart. For one, it is an open-source system, meaning that anyone can access its code. Secondly, it is a free-to-use operating system.

These give Linux a number of advantages that makes it well-loved by IT professionals. In fact, many programmes and companies use Linux in some or all of their systems, making Linux skills quite essential for anyone who’s looking to grow in the IT industry for the long haul.

If you are looking to enhance yourself and your skill set in the IT industry, Linux should definitely be on your list of skills to pick up. Keep reading on to find out how it helps you progress in your IT career.

The demand for Linux administrators

A recent study by CBTNuggets.com revealed that 80% of IT hiring managers consider Linux skills essential. This is a significant increase since 2016 where the number was merely 34%. This emphasises how the IT industry is rapidly starting to see the importance of Linux administrators.

Furthermore, the ubiquity of Linux is more wide-reaching than you have probably imagined. Android phones all run a form of the Linux system, while it is also used on hundreds of thousands of airplane entertainment systems, web-servers, televisions, and automobiles. No matter which area of technology you work on, there is a high chance that Linux is involved.

Linux is useful for learning

The best part of Linux is that it is a free and open source software. This means that anyone can use it without having to buy anything, and its source code is publicly available. Any interested party can view the source code of Linux to study how an operating system works.

This is particularly useful for web developers who may want to test out ideas by tweaking the operating system. Besides, Linux users have a strong community to rely on through forums. As a Linux user, it is possible to get feedback from more experienced Linux users within their online community.

Linux is safe and secure

Another significant advantage of Linux as an open source software is its security. Because anyone can view and access the code, developers worldwide can catch vulnerabilities and errors and rectify them easily. Over time, this makes Linux a highly secure and stable system, contributing to its popularity.

Whether you encounter Linux in your job or decide to use it for your own projects, its security is an advantage you can’t deny. If you know how to use Linux to your advantage, that makes you even more attractive to employers.


After reading about these 3 vital benefits that Linux certified IT professionals can enjoy, the question on your mind is probably how you can get certified. Well, all you would need to do is reach out to an academy that offers a Linux course. One tip would be to pick a reputable academy to enrol in. For instance, BridgingMinds is a local academy that offers a range of IT courses like the Certified Ethical Hacker course and Agile course. What’s best is that they have their CompTIA Linux+ classes starting in February 2021, so get yourself enrolled before the slots fill up!

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