Why You Should Consider Fortinet NSE Certification
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Why You Should Consider Fortinet NSE Certification

Why You Should Consider Fortinet NSE Certification


In a constantly evolving digital world, we are heavily reliant on technology – now more so than ever. However, despite the convenience that the emergence and growth of technology have brought into our lives, we are also more prone to potential cyber-attacks. With the rapid advancement of technology, cybercriminals have upgraded their methodologies and are more competent in accessing our valuable digital assets.

As a result, organisations are seeking cybersecurity experts to combat this global phenomenon and protect their sensitive data. With the Fortinet NSE (Network Security Expert) certification, IT professionals can now benchmark their knowledge and competency in the network security field and stay updated with the latest cybersecurity platforms. However, this is not the only benefit that comes with the possession of a Fortinet NSE certification. Let us share why every cybersecurity professional should consider signing up for these courses.

1. Secure better job prospects

To attain the Fortinet NSE certification, you will need to master all its relevant eight-level courses, ranging from Associate to Expert. By attending the self-paced and instructor-led courses, you will better understand the current cybersecurity threat landscape. You can also hone your abilities in using Fortinet security devices. Acing the practical and experiential exercises in the program also exhibits your mastery of complex network concepts.

The program will ultimately improve the qualifications of technical individuals seeking independent validation of their network security skills. This is a significant credential you can achieve. Moreover, it is highly recognised among elite groups of cybersecurity professionals. Thus, in the future, more doors will open for better job prospects.

2. Demonstrate your value to current and future employers

The NSE programmes allow you to make the most of Fortinet’s state-of-the-art network security platform. You can prove that you have an excellent grasp and understanding of how the security system works by mastering the various levels. This helps potential employers to recognise your strengths and skillsets.

With your relevant industry experience and newfound expertise on Fortinet’s network security products and systems, your capabilities in the trade will improve. You will be thoroughly prepared to provide efficient solutions for a wide range of network security issues.

After achieving the NSE certification, you are deemed a Fortinet trusted advisor. You can leverage your knowledge of Fortinet’s full range of network security products to offer new, innovative services to your clients. This can even lead to accelerated sales for your organisation.

3. Efficiently solve network security vulnerabilities

Achieving the Fortinet NSE certification confirms your expertise in the field and acknowledges your unique knowledge of Fortinet solutions and applications. You will acquire an array of skills to defend your organisation’s network against modern cyber threats. In addition, your proficiency and skills can help you recognise network security vulnerabilities and troubleshoot them with ease.

Your understanding of Fortinet applications also allows you to take advantage of the wide variety of Fortinet security solutions. At the end of these courses, you will be able to approach complicated problems and develop ideal cybersecurity measures for your clients confidently.


Upskilling is a much-needed practice to combat the rising global cyber threats. Not only are you ensuring your organisation now have a better line of defence against cybercriminals, but you are also primed for further growth in the cybersecurity field.

If you are ready to amp your competencies to the next level, you can consider signing up for BridgingMinds’s Fortinet NSE certification courses. Furthermore, we have an upcoming Fortinet x CompTIA webinar on the 1st of July that you can sign up for now. Hurry up and register your interest before the slots are filled up!

In addition to our Fortinet X CompTIA webinar, you can consider signing up for our agile training programmes and ITIL 4 certification course to value add to your IT skills.


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