Why You Should Consider Pursuing A CISSP Certification
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Why You Should Consider Pursuing A CISSP Certification

Why You Should Consider Pursuing A CISSP Certification


Information is a valuable resource in today’s globalised world. Businesses that utilise digital storage to safeguard their finances and customer information are prime targets for hackers. Therefore, these companies need to have a reliable cybersecurity division. This emphasis on cybersecurity has led to a huge demand for professionals with cybersecurity awareness training.

With the advent of new technology, hackers are equipped with new software and viruses that can breach most cyber protection plans. It is advisable for those working in this field to upgrade their skillsets and keep themselves updated on the latest in cybersecurity. If you are looking to update your knowledge, you should consider getting a CISSP certification. Let us explore how this certificate can be beneficial to you.

Better career prospects

Many companies are looking for CISSP-qualified professionals to fill important leadership positions in their cybersecurity division. The current number of certified professionals is unable to meet this significant demand.

Getting a CISSP certification is a fantastic achievement, and it will look good on your resume. Your possession of the certificate demonstrates your vast knowledge and conveys to prospective employers that you are capable of leading their cybersecurity division.

Better remuneration

A better career prospect usually equates to better remuneration. Companies highly value candidates who hold a CISSP certification. They are willing to offer better benefits to attract potential employees. Currently, with the demand greater than the supply, you will be in a stronger negotiating position to request a better salary.

Learn about all aspects of cybersecurity

The CISSP training programme will cover the fundamental concepts of information security. Undergoing the training will arm you with the necessary knowledge you require in the cybersecurity field. Possessing such knowledge is critical, as aspects of information security inform one another.

You will also have an advantage should you transfer to another department. You will not have to start from scratch, as you already have a foundation in place. The concepts you gained from this training are also timeless and will still be applicable even with new countermeasures in place.

Accessible training courses

There are vast resources available for anyone that wishes to obtain a CISSP certification. Many IT academies offer the CISSP training programme to the public, so you do not have to worry about preparing for the exam alone. BridgingMinds comes highly recommended by IT.com.sg, and we are one of the leading academies in Singapore to offer this training programme.

Stand out from the crowd

To obtain the CISSP certification, candidates must possess several years of professional cybersecurity experience. You also have to adhere to a code of ethics and be endorsed by a CISSP-qualified professional.

Only a select few who meet these conditions can be certified. Hence, you will be joining a small and elite pool of professionals if you can fulfill the necessary requirements. This certificate is an excellent showcase of your capabilities. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and demonstrates why potential employers should hire you.


The CISSP certification is a gold standard in the information security field. Joining the programme will provide you with the most comprehensive cybersecurity knowledge and benefit you in the long run.

If you are interested in getting yourself certified, sign up for our training programme today while slots are still available. We also offer agile training and PMP training for those looking to upgrade their project management skills in the IT industry.


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