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This half-day course is designed to give the attendees an overall awareness of the basic concepts of the popular Git code management tool Atlassian Bitbucket. We will look at the most important functions to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. Based on the Introduction to Agile Development with Jira and Bitbucket (Public Virtual) training from Atlassian, this course combines the power of Jira with Bitbucket, enabling developers to integrate all aspects of Agile software development. Through a case study and hands-on approach, attendees learn how to use feature-driven development (FDD) and custom workflows to produce higher quality software, faster. Topics covered include connecting issues in Jira to code, using pull requests in Bitbucket for peer code reviews. If relevant, participants are eligible to claim 4 PDUs from Project Management Institute (PMI), upon attending this course.

Course Objectives

The course objectives of Atlassian Bitbucket Essentials are:

• Identify each component of the Atlassian developer tool set

• Describe the purpose of each component

• Describe how each component is used in the software development process

• Confluence

• Jira

• Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash)

• Use each component to do a set of typical tasks in a case study software development project

Course Outline

• Components of the Atlassian Developer Tools product set

• Purpose of each component

• How each component is used in the software development process

This course is designed for new Bitbucket users, such as program/product/project managers, technical managers, business analysts, developers, testers, and anyone interested in learning about effective agile techniques. This class or equivalent experience is highly recommended as a precursor for the other Bitbucket Server courses.


We recommend that participants be familiar with basics of Jira and Agile software development, and have some experience with Git.


This course will assist the participants who aspire to be certified by Atlassian in the entire Jira Software products (see for more information)

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Duration: 1/2 Day

Course Fee $980.00
Course Fee after GST $1,048.60
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