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This half-day course is designed to give the attendees an overall awareness of the basic concepts of the popular Agile tool Atlassian Jira. We will look at the most important functions to use in the course of planning and running a project using Agile methods, such as Scrum, AgilePM (DSDM) in combination with Kanban and XP.

If you are brand new to Jira, not sure what the product does and you are asking yourself “how do I get started using Jira?”, then this course is for you. It will help you with your work and help your team collaborate.

Based on the Jira Server Essentials (On Demand) training from Atlassian, you’ll learn briefly about the three Jira products (Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk). You will get comfortable with Jira through hands-on experience performing the most common tasks, working through real-life scenarios on a preconfigured instance of Jira. You’ll learn who typically performs which tasks and why, by experiencing Jira through different user roles. You’ll also learn the basics of managing and tracking team issues and projects. You’ll return to your jobs feeling confident that you can get started with and use the right Jira product in your everyday work.

Note: this course is not for Cloud customers

If relevant, participants are eligible to claim 4 PDUs from Project Management Institute (PMI), upon attending this course.

The course objectives of Atlassian Jira Software Essentials are:

Create a Jira issue and progress it through the workflow

Monitor the issue status as it flows through the workflow using search

Describe how issues are organised in Jira

Save a search to simplify status requests

Modify existing issues, changing priority and assignees

Update multiple issues in one operation to align with changing business requirements

Create Pie Chart reports to communicate user utilisation and issue complexity

Communicate progress of project tasks using the Jira dashboard

Submit service desk request using the Customer Portal

Organize service desk requests using queues

Move agile software development issues through the workflow using a Scrum board

Communicate project process using agile specific reports

Course Outline

• Introduction to Jira

• Jira Projects

• Tasks & Issues

• Working on Issues

• Jira Search

• Reports & Dashboards

• Jira Software & Jira Service Desk Specifics

This course is designed for new Jira users: product managers, project administrators, Jira application administrators, developers, and system administrators. Jira experience or issue tracking application experience is not required. This class or equivalent experience is highly recommended as a precursor for all other Jira courses.


There are no technical pre-requisites for the course. However, basic comprehension of the Agile framework and some experience with the methods is preferred, to enable the participants to focus on the tools


This course will assist the participants who aspire to be certified by Atlassian in Jira Software products (see for more information)

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Duration: 1/2 Day

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