Agile Essentials (Understanding Agile)
 /  Agile Essentials (Understanding Agile)

This course is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of Agile Project Management, in comparison to Traditional Project Management.
• Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Agile practice within the organization
• Understand the generic Agile Process as applied to projects
• Give a history for the need of Agile Project Management
• Understand the generic Agile process as applied to projects
• Identify the commonly used Agile ceremonies and artefacts
• Become acquainted with the various tools and techniques used in Agile practice
• Recognise the knowledge and skills needed to plan, execute and evaluate an Agile project

1. Introduction
• Introduction to Agile Project Management
• History of Agile Movement
• The Agile Manifesto of Software Development
• The 4 Agile Values
• The 12 Agile Principles
• Characteristics of Agile Projects
• Comparison with Waterfall Project Life Cycle

2. Roles and Responsibilities in Agile Practice
• The Agile Team
• The Product Owner
• The Development Team
• The Agile Coach
• Where is the Project Manager?

3. Agile Domains of Practice
• Values- Driven Delivery
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Boosting Team PerformancePractices
• Adaptive Planning
• Problem Detection and Resolution
• Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)

4. Agile Generic Process
• Product Envisioning
• Release and Iteration Planning
• Iterations
• Reviews and Retrospectives

5. Agile Tools and Techniques
• Communications
• Planning, Monitoring and Adapting
• Estimation
• Analysis and Design
• Product Quality
• Soft Skills and Negotiation
• Value-based Proritisation
• Risk Management
• Metrics
• Value Stream Analysis

6. Selecting an Agile Method and Scaling
• Scrum
• XP
• Kanban
• Scaling for Distributed Environments

This introductory course into the Agile practice offers an excellent overview of the Agile Project Management framework for any member of staff with a keen interest to plan and deliver projects in an iterative and incremental way.

There is no examination for this course.

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    Duration: 2 Days

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