BridgingMinds Support Scheme
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BridgingMinds strongly supports active lifelong learning.
This BridgingMinds Support scheme is to encourage Singaporeans / PRs to upgrade their existing pool of skills set to stay relevant in this fast pace evolving industry.

Our main aim is to promote employer and peer recognition through highly sought after internationally recognized certifications by local and foreigner companies.

BridgingMinds Support Scheme

How much is the funding?
Course fee support of up to 33%* with a minimum of 20% of course fees on eligible courses.

4 easy steps to get your courses supported:

Participant are required to complete the Bridgingminds Support Scheme application form.
*Supported amount varies and subjected to Bridgingminds Network approval.


How to apply?
Participant may enroll directly with BridgingMinds Network.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Trainees will have to meet a minimum of 75% course attendance.
  • Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident at the point of the course commencement.
  • All applications must be submitted before start of course date.
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