Cloud Certifications: What Makes Them A Worthwhile Investment

There is no denying that internet technology is now an indispensable part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. For organisations, this brings a wealth of opportunities from reaching a wider target audience, conducting business beyond their geographical borders, and maximising operations.

One such technology that is making all these happen is cloud computing, which leverages the internet to enable on-demand access to resources like databases and remote servers without having them on-site. According to a recent O’Reilly survey, as much as 90% of companies relied on cloud computing in some capacity, including file storage, data protection, and cost reduction associated with using traditional, on-site servers.

With cloud computing now having established itself as a proven avenue for business growth and innovation, there is no doubt the demand for it will continue to grow exponentially over the years. With more organisations, big and small, now depending on cloud platforms for many aspects of their operations, we discuss why there is no better time than now to go for a cloud certificate program and take advantage of this domain’s immense potential for growing your career.

1.  Job market expansion and job flexibility

The expansion of cloud computing and the increase in the adoption of its related technologies is predicted to bring substantial year-over-year growth for many IT positions, such as database architects, who can aid in migrating traditional networks to cloud environments. This growth will naturally bring new opportunities for aspiring IT professionals looking to improve themselves by diving into cloud computing and ultimately becoming more valuable to employers.

In addition, the higher prospects of being assigned to remote working positions can be attractive to many. Cloud professionals can enjoy a healthier work-life balance since cloud computing connects data and users through the internet. They can virtually do their job anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable internet connection and the resources they need to work.

2. Resumé enhancement

Every professional knows how important their resumé is as a determining factor in getting the positions they want. And just like getting a security-related certification like the CISSP certification makes you a better candidate for information security positions, having a cloud certification in your resumé also helps you stand out to potential employers looking for cloud experts who are aware of the top cloud security risks and how to tackle them.

That said, it is best to be forward-thinking when choosing which cloud certification program to go for. Ideally, you should choose the training courses that can help bridge the gaps in your cloud skill set so you can become well-rounded in all things cloud technology and be effective in all the major platforms used today.

3. Find work in any industry

Virtually all organisations across various industries use cloud computing to enhance their operations. For instance, retail leverages the cloud to reduce costs, while healthcare and finance use it to expedite their drug development process and improve their banking experience, respectively. In short, no matter which industry you want to work in, your cloud computing skills can certainly help get you there. So, if you think it is time for a change of pace in your career or explore new job responsibilities, a cloud certification may well be the ticket that grants you job-ready skills that you can confidently showcase to new employers.


With the continued advancements in cloud technology and increasing demand for professionals with cloud expertise, earning a cloud certification can boost your career at any stage. Completing the training will grant you the necessary skills and knowledge to take on the demands of just about any organisation, and as you gain more experience with the cloud, greater opportunities and larger paychecks will come your way.

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