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A Certified Containerization Architect understands how containerization technology can and should be utilized to deliver highly available, scalable and optimized business solutions. In addition to a deep understanding of the inner workings of containerized environments and multitenancy technology, the Certified Containerization Architect is proficient with the design of containerization architectures, including the utilization of container engines, container templates and container management solutions that encompass monitoring, scheduling and rapid deployment. The Certified Containerization Architect further has specialized skills pertaining to container discovery, security and administration, as well as network and storage management. A Certified Containerization Architect further has an understanding of how containerization relates to and can be utilized together with cloud computing, serverless deployment environments and microservices.

Module 1: Fundamental Containerization

This course provides comprehensive coverage of containerization models, technologies,
mechanisms and environments. How the utilization of containers impacts both the
technology and business of an organization are covered, along with many technical
features, characteristics and deployment environments.
The primary topics covered by this course are:
• A Brief History of Containerization
• Traditional Linux Containers and the Evolution of Contemporary Containers
• Containers vs. Virtual Machines and Server Virtualization
• LXC/LDX, Docker and Kubernetes
• Technical and Business Benefits and Challenges of using Containers
• Fundamental Container Architectural Models
• Container Engines, Build Files and Images
• Cloud-based Containers and Container Pods
• Fundamental Container Scalability and Availability
• Container Configuration Management
• Containers and Immutable Infrastructure Resources
• Containers and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Configuration as Code (CaC)
• Containerizing Stateful Applications
• Containers and Namespaces
• Fundamental Containerization Patterns and Mechanisms
• Rich Containers and Serverless Deployment
• Container Chains and Sidecars
• Application Mobility with Containers
• How Containers Relate to and Support Microservices and Machine Learning
• Utilizing Containers with DevOps and CI/CD

This course is for anyone interested in learning the value of container technology, Containerizing applications.

Exam CN90.01: Containerization Architect (Coming Soon)

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