Cybersecurity Fundamentals for IT Professionals
 /  Cybersecurity Fundamentals for IT Professionals

This special 2-day training program provides an intense environment in which participants is provided with an overview to various components of cyber-security.

With the completion of this course, participants will have an overview on cyber-security components.

Day 1
Security Operations and Management
Information Security Governance
– Objective
– Basic Information Security Concepts
– Policies and Procedures ( Compliance )
– Legal and Regulatory Issues

Risk Management
– Objective
– Risk Management Principles and Practices
– Risk Assessment Techniques
– Risk Mitigation Strategies
– NIST RA Process

Information Security Programme Management
– Objective
– IS Process Improvement
– Project Management Methods and Techniques
– Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodologies
– Certification and Accreditation

Cybersecurity IT Platform
– ICT Infrastructure Platform
A broad-based understanding on deployment of ICT infrastructure platforms including the design, implementation considerations and challenges in managing these critical systems and services. Technologies that make up cloud computing and the general value proposition behind the cloud will be discussed.

  • Networking Technologies Overview
  • Describe the network fundamentals and LANs
  • Network Services
  • Describe various network services that happens in work place
  • Discuss the Changing Threat Landscape on the infrastructure
  • Cloud Infrastructure System
  • Describe the Evolution of Cloud and components
  • Cloud Computing Services – IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
  • Describe the type of services and deployment in Cloud

Day 2
Systems Security
A broad-based understanding on the implementation of system security techniques to minimise computer system threats and vulnerabilities. Security measures and best practices are also presented. Penetration testing techniques with case studies are also discussed.

  • Computer Security Overview
  • Discuss the Changing Threat Landscape
  • System Security Administration & Management
  • Review the Changing Security Controls and Data Leak Prevention
  • Penetration Testing with Case Studies/Tools
  • Discuss the objectives, benefits and methods of Penetration testing

Network Management & Disaster Recovery
With the proliferation and increasing complexity of networks, there is a need for effective network management. This topic covers the essentials of network management and monitoring to help network manager and administrator to better manage and control the network infrastructure.

Network Management Architecture and Model
Discuss the objectives and methods network management

Network Management Tools and Software
Discuss the components of Network Management

Business Continuity Management
– Discuss the objectives and value of BCM
– Overview of BCM

Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management
Discuss the Purpose and relationship of BIA and Risk Management

Business Continuity Strategy and Disaster Recovery Planning
Overview of the BCS and DR Planning

Target Audience : IT Network Engineer and Server Engineer who is new to Cybersecurity

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  • Duration 2 Days
  • Price $750
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