The DevOps simulation is an interactive face-to-face workshop which demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach.

Simulations use immersive and exciting high-technology scenarios to bring real world challenges to life whilst demonstrating the benefits that can be achieved through the introduction of technology. Simulations lead participants to come to understand the technology, to apply learning outcomes to implement practical improvements which resolve the challenges being encountered and ultimately drive improved effectiveness.


  • Highlights a significant customer frustration
  • Brings to life the need to collaborate and communicate across an organization, evident through a lack of trust between the teams and information in the right places at the right time
  • Establishes the need for single teams with common goals, and defined roles and responsibilities that break down the traditional silos
  • Highlights the lack of engagement between Dev and Ops, resulting in; poor Time To Market (TTM), lack of agility, poor business performance and a lack of knowledge in the Development Team of the production systems and standards
  • Focuses on manual, time consuming and error prone processes
  • Focuses on a lack of priority The DevOps Simulation experience is a one day, role based workshop. A team of 15 – 20 Members is perfect to conduct a Simulation Program.


  • Talks to the improvements that have been made from the previous round
  • Highlights the need for analytics to drive enhancements and new developments
  • Underlines the need for common success measures and owners across the entire software development lifecycle and beyond
  • Reinforces the desire to continuously refine the “ways of doing things” to build in quality at the front
  • Underlines the need for virtual testing and service virtualization
  • Highlights non-functional requirements, such as, monitoring, performance, disaster recovery and high availability


  • Talks to the improvements that have been made from the previous round
  • Focuses on a organization that is still mainly reactive and not yet looking proactively, particularly from Operations
  • Highlights the impact to the customer when application deployments are not architected with a service mindset
  • Accentuates a “Project” rather than “Product” focused mindset with information being kept within the project rather than shared
  • Brings the idea of process duplication and waste into the discussion
  • Focuses on a lack of continuous feedback across the teams, particularly back to Development, leading to a discussion around moving roles closer together and “Shift Left”
  • Emphasizes the need for continuous integration


Prospects/Customers/Partners/Industry Analysts/Press/Influencers


Sales & Marketing/New Starts – As an integral part of on boarding

There is no examination for this course.

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Duration: 2 Days

Course Fee

Course Fee w/o GST $1,650.00
Course Fee w. GST (9% effective 1st Jan 2024) $1,798.50
SME (Company Sponsored) – All Singaporean and Permanent Resident Employee $1,798.50
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above $1,798.50
Singapore Citizens below 40 years old and Permanent Residents $1,798.50

Exam Fee

  • Exam Voucher is non-inclusive and optional. Please contact us for more info.

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