For many years, service management proponents have insisted that every employee in an organization contribute to meeting the needs of their customers with a service mindset. While this has always been a noble objective, the way it has been achieved is too often centered around a few specific processes and the implementation of tools, without enough attention for the very human skills that were required. When multiple people are involved in business activities, coordination and collaboration are crucial. Usually organizations are hierarchical, so direction is often provided from the top down. Unless the objectives and actions of groups at different levels of the organization are planned and aligned, their desired outcomes are unlikely to be achieved. Even if they are achieved, poor coordination often results in waste, including missteps, restarts and rework.

In ITIL®4: Direct, Plan and Improve guidance, an attempt has been made to identify and focus on the core competencies that leaders and operational employees alike should cultivate and apply throughout their service management careers. The guidance provides an essential source of reference in aligning product and service management with modern business requirements, driving transformation and creating a continual improvement culture.

BridgingMinds offers ITIL®4: Direct, Plan and Improve course which helps practitioners to align product and service management with modern business requirements, drive successful organizational transformation and embed continual improvement into an organization’s behaviour at every level. It covers concepts, principles, methods and techniques that can be leveraged to give direction, engage in planning, and participate in improvement activities.

Learning Outcomes

Duration – 4 days

1) Key concepts

  • Direction, Planning, Improvement(DPI)
  • Operating model
  • Methods
  • Scope of control
  • Vision and Mission
  • Strategy, Tactics, Operations
  • Governance, Compliance and Management
  • Policies, Controls, Guidelines
  • Value, Outcomes, Cost, Risks

2) Scope of Control

  • Cascade objectives and requirements
  • Define policies, controls, guidelines
  • Decision-making authority

3) Role of Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Risk Management
  • Impact of Governance
  • Sufficient Controls

4) Continual Improvement

  • Creating a continual improvement culture
  • Improvement of the service value chain and practices
  • Continual improvement in organizations
  • Define and prioritize desired outcomes of an improvement
  • Continual improvement model
  • Measurement and reporting

5) Assessment

  • Basics
  • Objectives
  • Criteria
  • Methods

6) Understand Organisational Change Management(OCM)

  • Purpose, Nature, Benefits
  • Principles, Scope
  • OCM and DPI
  • Values-based change
  • Practice Success Factors

7) Communication

  • Principles
  • Methods
  • Manage Stakeholders
  • Feedback Channels
  • Communication across Value Chain

8) Measurement and Reporting

  • Concepts
  • Types of Measurement
  • Measurement Cascades
  • Success Factors and KPIs
  • KPIs & Behaviour

9) Direct and improve Value Streams and Practices

  • Addressing the 4 dimensions
  • Applying the guiding principles
  • Value stream mapping
  • Workflow Optimisation
  • Waste Elimination
  • Ensuring and utilising feedback

10) Key ITIL® practices contributing to Direct, Plan and Improve

  • Continual Improvement
  • Organisational Change Management

Practitioners in IT or Service industry, Risk Management Professionals, Governance/Strategy Executives, Business Development Professionals, Relationship Professionals, Account Managers, Customers, Business Owners, Service Desk/Help Desk Personnel, Process Owners/Managers /Consultants, Project Managers, Service Team Leaders/Managers/ Supervisors, IT Audit/Quality Professionals and anyone interested in IT Service Management.

Course Pre-requisites:

A pass in ITIL® 4 Foundation certification exam.

Certification Exam :

40 multiple-choice-questions, 90 minutes exam, 70% pass mark leads to the individual certification achievement.



29 – 1 Feb


11 – 14


13 – 16


15 – 18


23 – 26


18 – 21


9 – 12

Duration: 4 Days

Course Fee


Course Fee w/o GST $2,500.00
Course Fee w. GST (9% effective 1st Jan 2024) $2,725.00
SME (Company Sponsored) – All Singaporean and Permanent Resident Employee $975.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above $975.00
Singapore Citizens below 40 years old and Permanent Residents $1,475.00

Exam Fee

  • Exam Voucher is included in course fee above.

Certification Body

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