Google Cloud – Solution Architect Professional Workshop
 /  Google Cloud – Solution Architect Professional Workshop

Prepares you as per certification requirements for Google Cloud Solution Architect Professional.

Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • Role of the Cloud Architect.
  • Learn about Solution Domains as an approach to design

Lab: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
Lab: Projects
Lab: Infrastructure Preview

Module 2: Virtual Networks

  • Cloud Virtual Networks (CVN), Projects, Networks, Sub Networks, IP addresses,
    Routes, Firewall rules.
  • Sub Networks for resource management instead of physical network topology

Lab: Virtual Networking
Lab: Bastion Host

Module 3: Virtual Machines

  • GCE, tags, VM options, vCPUs, disk options, images, and special features of persistent
    disks for VMs

Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
Lab: Working with Virtual Machines

Module 4: Cloud IAM

  • Members, roles, organizations, account administration, service accounts

Lab: Cloud IAM

Module 5: Data Storage Services

  • Cloud Storage, Datastore, Bigtable, Cloud SQL.

Lab: Cloud Storage
Lab: Cloud SQL
Lab: Cloud Datastore

Module 6: Resource Management

  • Billing, Quotas, Labels, Names, Cloud Resource Manager

Lab: Billing Administration
Lab: Examine Billing Data with Big Query

Module 7: Resource Monitoring

  • Stack driver, Monitoring, Logging, Error Reporting, Tracing, Debugging

Lab: Resource Monitoring (Stack driver)
Lab: Error Reporting and Debugging (Stack driver)

Module 8: Interconnecting Networks

  • VPNs, Cloud Router, Cloud Interconnect, Direct Peering, Cloud DNS

Lab: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Lab: Dynamic VPN with Cloud Routers

Module 9: Load Balancing

  • Network Load Balancing, HTTP(S) Load Balancing, SSL Load Balancing and Internal
    Load Balancing, Managed Instance Groups

Lab: VM Automation and Load Balancing

Module 10: Autoscaling

  • Autoscaler

Lab: Autoscaling

Module 11: Infrastructure Automation with Cloud API

  • Infrastructure automation, custom images, startup and shutdown scripts and

Lab: Cloud API Infrastructure Automation

Module 12: Infrastructure Automation with Deployment Manager

  • Deployment Manager templates

Lab: Deployment Manage

Module 13: Managed Services

  • Data proc, Dataflow, Biq Query, Data lab
  • Systems administrators and IT managers
  • IT administrators and operators
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Linux/Unix Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Windows Server Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Cloud Systems Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Network Implementation Engineer or Administrator
  • Storage Implementation Engineer or Administrator

Basic Linux commands like working with files and directories is desired.

  • 20 – 23 Jan 2020
  • 3 – 6 Feb 2020
  • 23 – 26 Mar 2020
  • 27 – 30 Apr 2020

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  • Duration: 4 Day

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