CEH Certification, CEH Certification Singapore

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is one of the most popular certifications for IT professionals all over the world. The certificate is the testament of one’s ethical hacking skills that are used for penetration testings and ethical hacking in certain circumstances. If you are keen on having a position in the technology industry, it would only be natural for your interest to be piqued.
If you’re interested to know the benefits of a CEH course in Singapore, below are some of the reasons why you should consider taking the course.

1. Improve Your Career Prospects
Whether you’re already in the IT industry or looking to jump into cybersecurity, a CEH certification will come in handy.
Also, a CEH isn’t just a piece of paper or certification. It also trains you to know the necessary tools and techniques employed by hackers. In an age where most organisations use technology to conduct their businesses and services online, cyber threat is all the more glaring. Companies are encouraged to perform penetration testing to evaluate their pre-existing cybersecurity and weed out their weakness.
With a CEH certification, you will attain skills to uncover these vulnerabilities before a potential attack by another hacker. Not only will you be able to discover and patch these loopholes, but you are also able to gain skills to counteract if there was a breach.

2. Versatility
Penetration testing isn’t the only way a CEH certification will come in handy. Even if you are a seasoned IT security professional, you’ll learn a lot from the CEH training, including but not limited to knowledge of practical network security. Being able to conduct penetration testing allows a smoother business continuity, and the company will experience less IT downtime.
According to a report from Gartner, an IT downtime costs $5600 a minute. Should you have a CEH certificate, not only would you have skills to do penetrative experiments but you would be able to determine the frequency of such testings. You can also advise the businesses on which aspects of the security measures they should be spending their money investing in otherwise.
Combined with your experience, experience, and knowledge, it makes you a better and more versatile IT professional.

3. Improved understanding of vulnerabilities
Cyber-criminals will always look for vulnerabilities. However, even though they’ll always find new ways to attack and exploit IT infrastructure, it’s almost always built on the same principles and methods. A good understanding of vulnerable areas and hazards will improve your knowledge of how to counteract and protect your network.
The CEH is a comprehensive training and certification that will help you develop a better understanding of just how destructive vulnerabilities can be and just how vulnerable your business is.

4. Higher salary
Rather than a mere certificate, it is the skills you acquire from the course that garner the trust of these companies. Along with the niche skillsets, you will be helping safeguard businesses and prevent any unnecessary losses from IT downtimes. In the perspective of these businesses, you are an expensive investment that they should have lest their business falls into the hands of somebody else.
CEH-certified IT professionals have been shown to have better annual salaries compared to those who don’t. Even if you’re already earning well in your IT job, a bit more won’t hurt.

Earn Your CEH Certification Today
Learning how the opposite side of the fence works is a useful strategy for life in general, and this applies to IT professionals as well.
Cybercriminals are no joke. Their number grows by the day, and their methods are constantly evolving. Not knowing the basic principles of how they exploit vulnerabilities and expose weaknesses can make you, an IT professional, a potential liability instead of a valuable asset for your company.
By taking your CEH certification, you’ll learn how to secure your networks and other company assets, as well as make yourself a better professional that has the potential to earn a higher salary.