How To Effectively Use PMBOK 7th-Edition To Ace The PMP Exam

The Project Management Body of Knowledge guide is the gold standard for aspiring Project Management Professionals. Better known as the PMBOK guide, it is continually updated to help provide the vast knowledge needed in the field of project management.

Although the latest 7th edition of the PMBOK offers much in terms of developing the technique and mindset needed to effectively answer questions during the Project Management Professional(PMP) certification exams, the shorter length of the 7th edition guide compared to the 6th presents some new challenges in effectively utilising this new guide correctly.

Do not treat it as a textbook

The 7th edition, much unlike the 6th, includes less technical information regarding concepts and tools. This is due to the intention of the 7th to focus more on the principles of project management, such as managing and leading a team through a project. With less specific coverage of tools and techniques, it can be difficult to gain a comprehensive grasp of the theoretical knowledge required to ace the PMP exams.

This is especially true for those looking to enter the field of project management. With a shaky foundation, the chances of acing or passing the exam are lowered due to the need to develop a strong foundation in the concepts tested.

Use it as an exam guide

Due to the emphasis on principles over theoretical concepts, the PMBOK 7th-Edition makes for a useful guide that can prove to be a significant asset during your preparations for the PMP Exam. The 7th edition of the PMBOK holds an advantage over the previous edition by helping develop your ability to answer questions effectively during the exam.

The utility of the PMBOK 7th-Edition lies in helping you orient yourself around Project Management Institute (PMI)’s new Exam Content Outline (ECO) and format. While new formats and outlines can confuse prospective exam-goers, the 7th edition helps clear the fog of uncertainty surrounding these new changes.

Complement it with training courses

Take advantage of the PMBOK 7th-Edition and its strengths by pairing it with a PMP training course! Due to the lighter emphasis on theory, it is best to complement the principles covered in the 7th edition with a project management training course that allows you to get to know crucial theory topics that may come in handy during the examination for PMP certification in Singapore.

Although some may not appreciate the drastic changes between the two editions, a two-pronged approach can help alleviate some of the anxiety experienced when taking the exams in the 2021 format imposed by PMI.

Final word

Aspiring professionals looking to get certified may be confused by the many courses online offering to equip them with the best of PMP certification exam essentials. However, many of these courses take a general approach, with little attention being paid to new developments and exam formats that the PMI implements.

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