IoT Module 2: IoT Technology and Architecture
 /  IoT Module 2: IoT Technology and Architecture

This course provides a drill-down into key areas of IoT technology architecture and enabling technologies. A range of architectural models and layers are covered, along with core mechanisms pertaining to data collection, communication and device-related functions. Various relevant communication layers and protocols are also addressed, together with device and discovery functions.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Understanding the IoT Architecture Approach
  • IoT Business, Functional and Technology Architectures
  • IoT Application, Protocol, Data and Analytics Architectures
  • IoT Device Specifications, Types, and Access
  • IoT Device Data Store and Transfer Capabilities
  • IoT Data Collection Mechanics
  • SQL RDBMS, NoSQL and Time Series Data
  • Heterogeneous, Cloud and External Data
  • IoT Communication Mechanisms
  • Human-to-Machine, Machine-to-Human, Machine-to-Machine Interactions
  • IoT Communication Channels and Protocol Technologies
  • Cellular, WiFi, LoRaWAN, Satellite and Geo-sensing
  • ZigBee LAN, Bluetooth, Z Wave, Gateways and Firewalls
  • IoT Device or Service Discovery
  • Bluetooth Beacon, WiFi Aware and Physical Web
  • Open Hybrid, Shazam and Chrips
  • IoT Communication and Networking Protocols
  • IoT Network Layer and Data Link Layer Protocols, OSI and Encapsulations
  • Edge Computing and Fog Computing
  • IoT Session Layer and Management protocols
  • IoT Learning Principles including Learning Lifecycle, Predictions, Patterns
  • Clustering and Dynamic Machine Learning

Managers responsible for business and operational processes within their respective organizations and want to know how to harness IoT to make their systems and processes more efficient. This training is intended for a technology and business review of an emerging industry so that IoT enthusiasts/entrepreneurs can grasp the basics of IoT technology and business.

  • 6 – 8 August 2018
  • 7 – 9 November 2018

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