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BridgingMinds is a collaborative learning and development company. Unlike many training providers, where associates or consultants are the last resort while maintaining their full time staff as the primary resources. We believe that trainers without constant industry exposure cannot be good trainers and will not be able to provide the relevant experiences in the classroom.

BridgingMinds provides Sales, Admin and Facilities as well as online Platform to allow our trainers partners achieve maximum exposure. As such, in many cases, we work with our trainer partners, to develop materials that benefits both companies.

If you are a trainer, lecturer, content owner. Come to talk to us and let’s us show you what we can potentially do for you.

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Want to represents us in your country or to resell our services. You can contact us at (

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Whether if you are a fellow training provider, system integrator or even a vendor, local or overseas, we would like you to be our partner in extending our service to you and yours to ours. We strongly believe in collaboration and keeping the spirit of working together to provide a more competitive and comprehensive program to the market.

If you are a training provider or content provider, there are many ways to work together, from becoming your sales advocate, combining of resources, to working to resell each other services.

Let’s explore working with one another. Email us (

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If you have the industrial knowledge, technical knowhow, skills that you have the ability to translate into training materials, please contact us. We offer incentives, royalty, sales and marketing programs to the selected individual/s


Email us ( on the following, if possible.

  • Objective
  • Target Audience
    • Industry
    • Skill level
    • Technical or non-technical
  • Intended number of days
  • Where are you, in terms of the progress of courseware developer
  • What assistance are you looking for from us, if any ?