This intense 3-day course focuses on providing you with the background knowledge required for vulnerability management and penetration testing. Perfect for those looking for a comprehensive and efficient way to prepare for the CPSA certification.

With the completion of this course, participants will:

1. Execute risk-based mitigation strategies for networks, operating systems and applications

2. Compiling and tracking vulnerabilities and mitigation results to quantify program effectiveness

3. Creating and maintaining vulnerability management policies, procedures and training

4. Reviewing and defining requirements for information security solutions

5. Organising network-based scans to identify possible network security attacks and host-based scans to identify vulnerabilities in workstations, servers and other network hosts.

Day 01
1. Network monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment

1.1. Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment

1.2. Components of Vulnerability Analysis and Network Monitoring tools

1.3. Review of Vulnerable Assessment

2. Vulnerability Assessment and Organisational Impact

2.1. Vulnerability Assessment Report

2.2. Interpretation of vulnerability scan results

2.3. Critical Areas of Assessment

3. Vulnerability Management and Review Techniques

3.1. Vulnerability Management

3.2. Threat Modelling

3.3. Continuous monitoring of attack vectors

Day 02

4. Application Vulnerability assessment

4.1. Dynamic Application Review

4.2. Static Application Review

4.3. Critical Areas of Assessment

5. Penetration Testing Methodologies and Tools

5.1. Scope, objective and target of Penetration Test

5.2. Configuring the penetration test tools

5.3. Perform Penetration Test

5.4. Critical Area of Assessment

Day 03

6. Evaluate current systems and tools for emerging threats

6.1. Threat Intelligence

6.2. Red Teaming

6.3. Security and Compliance standards

6.4. Security and Compliance templates

7. Penetration Test Reports and Security Improvement

7.1. Reports Templates for penetration test results

7.2. Configuring Customized Reports

7.3. Security Improvement Process Countermeasures

Professionals who will be pursuing a career in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Prerequiste: Basic Knowledge of OS, Network Operations.

The CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) is an entry level exam that tests a candidate’s knowledge in assessing operating systems and common network services.

The examination covers a common set of core skills and knowledge. The candidate must demonstrate that they have the knowledge to perform basic infrastructure and web application vulnerability scans using commonly available tools and to interpret the results to locate security vulnerabilities.

CPSA candidates will be able to demonstrate that they are qualified for hands on Pen Test Roles (indicative of 2 years experience).
The CPSA has no pre-requisite but a valid CPSA certification is the pre-requisite for the CRT.

Number of Questions : 120
Duration : 2 Hours
Format : Multiple choice questions
Location : Pearson Vue Testing Center

Passing Score
Successful candidates must score 60% of the available marks. That is:
– at least 72 marks from the written component (possible total: 120 marks)


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Course Fee

Course Fee w/o GST $1,900.00
Course Fee w. GST $2,071.00
SME (Company Sponsored) – All Singaporean and Permanent Resident Employee $741.00
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above $741.00
Singapore Citizen below 40 years old and Permanent Residents $1,210.00

Exam Fee

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