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VeriSM is a service management approach that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes. It describes how an organization can
define its service management principles and then use organizational capabilities, emerging technologies and a combination of management practices to deliver value.

1. The Service Organization

  • Organizational context
  • Define key elements of an organization
  • Define how to optimize organizational interactions
  • Organizational governance
  • Define the elements of organizational governance
  • Explain how governance “flows” through an organization
  • Digital transformation
  • Define the impact of new technology on organizations
  • Describe the impact of digital transformation on service management

2. Service Culture

  • The Service culture
  • Define a service culture
  • Explain the elements of a service culture

3. People and Organizational Structure

  • Organization structure
  • Define the differences between a leader and a manager
  • Explain the competencies of the service management professional
  • List the elements of a well-functioning team
  • Service management challenges
  • Explain the challenges of managing consumers
  • Describe the elements of communication
  • Explain organizational change principles

4. The VeriSM Model

  • The VeriSM model
  • Define the elements of the VeriSM model
  • Explain how VeriSM re-defines service management
  • Explain how VeriSM uses the management mesh to create and stabilize services
  • Explain the elements within each of the four stages of the VeriSM model
  • Adapting the VeriSM model
  • Define the process of selecting and integrating management practices
  • Explain the characteristics of successful operating models

5. Progressive Practices

  • Progressive practices
  • Indicate the success factors for adopting progressive management practices
  • Clarify the key concepts and when to apply Agile, DevOps, SIAM, Lean as a management practice

6. Innovative Technologies

  • Impact of technologies
  • Summarize the implications of technology on service management
  • Explain the benefits of cloud, virtualization and automation
  • Explain the impact of big data, internet of things, mobile computing, bring your own device on service management
  • Describe serverless computing, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and containerization.

7. Getting Started with VeriSM

  • Getting Started
  • Identify how to get started
  • Describe how to move from reactive to proactive operations

All professionals and organizations involved in delivering value to customers through the development, delivery, operation and/or promotion of services. VeriSM Foundation, Essentials and Plus are useful to professionals at the very start of their service management career and also to experienced professionals who need access to a simple service management approach. The certifications are essential for anyone who works with products and services and will be of particular interest to:

  • Managers – who want to understand how to leverage evolving management
  • Service owners and service managers – who need to bring their skills up to
    date and understand how service management has changed;
  • Executives – who are accountable for effective service delivery; o IT professionals – who need to understand the impact of evolving management practices and new technologies on their role.

Number of Questions: 40
Passing Score: 65%
Test Duration: 60 mins
Test Format: MCQ

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  • 6 – 8 August 2018
  • 7 – 9 November 2018

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