4 Ways To Upgrade Your Tech Team’s Skills And Productivity
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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Tech Team’s Skills And Productivity

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Tech Team’s Skills And Productivity


Whether you manage a small IT team in a company or are part of an IT-based business, there’s no denying that IT skills and jobs have been changing rapidly. With so many new tools and challenges, what are some things you can do to keep up? Read on as we equip you with 4 useful tips to excel and succeed.

1. Identify the team’s focus

You and your team can’t do everything, so it’s essential to identify what the way forward is, and work towards that goal. For example, you don’t have to make the team learn every of the newest tech tools out there if they are not relevant to your goals. Instead, see how you can play to the team’s strengths and company’s vision, and what other skills or tools are required to help you achieve those targets.

2. Identify pain points and solve them

Sometimes, even the most well-qualified teams can have trouble hitting their goals. One reason is due to inefficiencies. Redundant steps, over-reporting, and excess administrative work can all be productivity killers. Poor productivity and excessive red-tape can also impact workers’ morale negatively.

So, eliminating these pain points can be a valuable step in boosting productivity and morale. Apart from taking feedback from your team, consider also taking suggestions from front-line staff. Your customers may also have valuable feedback to give regarding what they experience from your company’s services.

3. Implement a project management system

Frameworks like Agile and DevOps can significantly boost efficiency and communication within and across teams. These are not just solely for project managers to know, but the whole team has to be aware and on board too.

For instance, upon going through our Agile courses in Singapore, you can expect to receive an Agile certification, and hone an advanced knowledge of Agile, going home with the confidence and know-how to apply the best methods for each project. It’s recommended that you send your entire team for these courses as it’s pivotal for everyone to understand how to play their part in the Agile framework.

4. Invest in learning

It’s vital that your team keeps up with the latest emerging tools, whether it’s to boost productivity or to inspire them to come up with innovative and new ideas. Companies ought to set aside budget and time for employees to receive training, whether it is a skills-related course like cybersecurity training, or workplace-related training like for project management. While it will take up some time and resources, these will eventually benefit the organisation as a whole in the long run.


Given how IT skills and jobs change rapidly, it’s pivotal to always equip yourself with the latest trends and skills. Incorporate these 4 useful tips when managing your business or company, and you can be certain that your team members will always stay ahead of the curve.


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