Top IT Skills Companies Are Looking Out For In 2021
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Top IT Skills Companies Are Looking Out For In 2021

Top IT Skills Companies Are Looking Out For In 2021


As one of the fastest-growing industries at the moment, the IT industry has attracted many talents. Today, there are still many new job roles in the IT industry popping up, with growing demand. Some of the job roles are web developers, data scientists, as well as information security analysts.

Suppose you are looking to expand your knowledge on the IT industry and become an individual with high demand skills and certifications. There are plenty of courses you can take up to get yourself equipped, such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course or Agile course. However, a common dilemma among people looking to progress in this industry is not knowing what to focus on or start with.

If that is you, fret not! Here are some of the top IT skills companies are actively seeking among IT professionals in 2021. This would certainly help you in deciding the right route of study to go for.

Automation skills

As the IT industry is advancing rapidly, more and more companies are adopting automation in their company’s systems and projects to streamline processes. However, not just anyone can do automation. It is something that requires skill and specialisation. Therefore, many large international corporations are actively looking for IT professionals equipped with automation skills.

Automation is one of the skills that is so crucially needed that it might even give you the upper hand over other candidates when applying for the job. If you already have some knowledge of AI, getting some specialised training in automation will definitely make you a highly desirable IT professional.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing, or NLP, is essentially a mix of both linguistics and AI. The goal is to allow people to talk to computers as if they are humans having a typical interaction. Think of speech recognition software in virtual assistants like Siri or Google’s Alexa, translation apps, or automated chatbots.

NLP involves feeding the AI programme a large amount of language data, letting it process and analyse the data for patterns and rules. While examples of NLP are widely found today, they are by no means near perfect yet. Thus, if you have an interest in improving tech in these areas, learning about NLP will allow you to contribute to this growing niche!

Cloud cybersecurity

Being certified as a cloud cybersecurity professional validates your understanding of cloud computing concepts and enables you to oversee a company’s cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. This is vital, especially during such a time where many companies are highly reliant on digital systems for their data and operations.

As these companies are willing to spend large amounts to ensure that all their cloud-based systems and digital assets are kept safe, being the one responsible for managing them is a lucrative position to be in. If cloud cybersecurity is where your interest lies in, then you should consider taking up the Certified Cloud Security Specialist Course from an academy like BridgingMinds.

Project Management

Whether an IT company is doing a cloud or an AI project, having a project manager is essential. Some projects involve various departments working together to achieve the end goal. Having a project manager on board helps in aiding communication between the different departments. The project manager is also crucial in leading the team from the start to the end of the project.

With IT companies needing a project manager for every single project, there is an increasing demand for certified professionals in project management. You can pick up essential project management skills with a variety of certifications like Agile, PMP, or PRINCE2, also available at BridgingMinds.


Having any of these 4 skills under your belt will make you an essential and well sought-after employee in any IT organisation. So make 2021 your year of improvements by picking up those skills and enhancing yourself.


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