Why Your Companies Should Adopt The Latest ITIL 4 Practices
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Why Your Companies Should Adopt The Latest ITIL 4 Practices

Why Your Companies Should Adopt The Latest ITIL 4 Practices


IT services are indispensable in the technology-driven age that we live in. From social media to wireless networking, numerous IT services are being adopted by companies of various industries. To ensure these IT services run efficiently and are aligned with the company’s objectives, many businesses have adopted ITIL guidelines to ensure their IT service management tools are deployed properly.

Aside from offering top-notch customer service, another core aspect of running a successful company is to ensure your business is always anticipating and adopting the latest trends to stay ahead of your competitors. This tenet is also applied to the ITIL principles, which is why AXELOS regularly updates the various ITIL practices.

Just as IT technologies are constantly evolving, ITIL guidelines have to be consistently kept up to date to stay relevant and increase organisations’ revenue and customer base. Allow us to share how the latest ITIL 4 practices can help your company thrive and deliver an excellent user experience.

1. Enhanced security

Data is crucial in ensuring your business thrives as it allows you to make better business decisions and improvements for your company to grow. Facilitating reliable and credible processes to ensure all consumers’ sensitive data are stored safely is also key in garnering trust from your consumers and, therefore, increasing your company’s revenue.

This is because we live in a digitalised age where businesses are prone to cybercrime and possible data breach. Companies have to step up their game and implement adequate security measures according to ITIL 4 practices to protect their valuable online assets and consumer data. The latest ITIL operational processes follow the best security standards to help secure your important information.

ITSM will ensure all services are aligned with your business expectations and IT security. This will safeguard your company from potential online threats and risks while allowing your consumers to have a safe user experience. By adopting these ITIL 4 practices, you can efficiently implement strict policies and procedures to reduce the odds of data breaches and losses.

2. DevOps and ITIL collaboration

One of the best practices the ITIL framework provides is ensuring the smooth functioning of your business’s ticketing system. In the past, if a consumer raises a ticket, conflict resolution is manually carried out through a series of steps. Now, DevOps will be automating the entire process of ITSM and ITIL. By doing so, various configuration and deployment management issues are solved.

Going forward, the collaboration of DevOps and ITIL will significantly increase the efficiency of business workflows. With automated processes in place, you no longer need to depend on personnel to resolve outstanding problems, thus driving faster business solutions.

3. Better customer service and employee engagement

The latest ITIL 4 practices offer a broad range of research-based strategies for enterprise success, one of which promotes employee satisfaction. According to a recent report, companies with engaged employees have significantly higher customer satisfaction. Most staff who felt engaged at work were motivated when their higher-ups recognised their hard work and efforts. This spurred them to produce results – leading to better customer service and higher consumer retention rates.

For enterprise success, companies should adopt the ITIL 4 practices immediately. This is so you can achieve better workforce engagement and reap stellar employee and customer satisfaction. Additionally, using cloud-based services and providing remote work options for your staff gives them the flexibility to prioritise their wellbeing, resulting in a productivity improvement.


There is a host of benefits that come with embracing the ITIL 4 practices consistently across businesses’ management and workforce. For instance, staying abreast of the latest ITIL trends can improve work efficiency among employees and increase company revenue.

Companies should consider sending their employees for BridgingMinds’s ITIL 4 foundation training course to ensure they are well-informed of the best practices to help their organisations achieve their goals. Our course will arm students with a comprehensive and complete understanding of the relevant ITIL concepts and processes.

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